Explore the beauty and wisdom of nature, the changing parade of the seasons and the tides of change that have elevated the old to the new


Using timeless techniques with sugar, salt, vinegar, oil, alcohol, ferments and dry air, the ancient art of preserving is shared in my anthology of favourite recipes.


Explore our attitudes to food, the science and lore of the kitchen and how we share our deepest emotions as we partake in the routines of the table.


About Roots Recipes Reasons

Roots, Recipes, Reasons shares the pleasures of our table, the recovery of endangered flavours and creation of new ones and our agrarian adventures as we attempt to tread a little more lightly on the planet today than we did yesterday.

It reflects the love, memories and connection with friends & family, the terrior of the land and sense of place through the foods we grow.

It traces the ongoing conversation between generations of plants and families and our shared food heritage and culinary diversity.

It’s a celebration of the beauty and wisdom of nature, its web of life, the changing parade of the seasons and the abundant harvest that abounds from nurtured soil.

Roots Recipes Reasons explores the culinary landscape of a gardener, cook, forager, artisan and writer in the quest to find beauty, balance and meaning in our noisy, disconnected and contradictory world.

Explore Roots to discover what comes from the land, Recipes to transform nature’s abundance and Reasons to unearth our culinary linage.


Our soil is our culture and future. It defines who we are. The terroir of the land, showering us with distinctive local characteristics, shapes the plants, products, and cultural life of a region.

Each plant, each garden and its web of life carries its own personality and shares it bounty unreservedly. This collection ranges far and wide. Sometimes tracing a plant's ancestry and  trading routes as it morphs into an important food source. Other times, it highlights the tides of change that elevate the old to the new or uncovers a plants culinary myths, mysteries, and other miscellany.

At its root, the purpose is to ignite an appreciation of the natural world.

  • Myths, Folklore & Trvia

Rubescent Seeds of Fertility, Entrapment & Death

How many times do I walk past you every day? A worn track, a desire line that marks my travels, opens the tale to answer the question...

  • Myths, Folklore & Trvia

The Sumptuous Fig

In winters cold, as wind shuffles through my bare branches that look like the gangly limbs of youth searching for their boundaries, my story begins...

  • Myths, Folklore & Trvia

A Miscellany of Strawberries

For centuries, the strawberry has been interwoven with our lives. In our cuisine, folklore, art, and herbal medicine...


Welcome to my world of preserving.  This collection contains recipes to suit every taste, from the sweet and luscious, hot and fragrant through to wonderful tongue tickling salty and tangy flavours. 

With recipes for beginners as well as those ready to step up to the next level, it contains classics as well as artisanal preserves. 

Adding vibrancy, diversity and sustenance, life is better with a preserve on the table.  Delve into the art of preserving and if you have any questions or need more information, I would love to hear from you. 

  • Pickles, Chutney, Relish & Sauces

Mediterranean Chutney

This tomato-based chutney reflects the summer flavours of the Mediterranean. Its bright and lively flavours are the perfect accompaniment to...

  • Pickles, Chutney, Relish & Sauces
  • Preserves

Indian Spiced Green Tomato Chutney

The vibrancy and fragrance of the East is captured in this unique green tomato chutney. When green tomatoes are abundant,...

  • Pickles, Chutney, Relish & Sauces

Pear and Eggplant Kasundi

Kasundi has to be one of my all-time chutney favourites. In this recipe, pear, eggplant, tomatoes are combined with a...


Food is a common thread that binds us all. It sits at the heart of our cultures and shapes family life, relationships, traditions, and rituals.

It’s meaning, our foodscapes, provenance and farming system and the conversations that flow from its daily consumption from the ordinary through to the remarkable is celebrated in this collection of articles, interview’s, and stories.

The science of the kitchen provides a practical knowledge for those who want to know how food is transformed. 

  • Reasons
  • Food Culture

What's in a Name: Chutney or Relish?

They're not the main act, but they can be the star. There's similarities and differences and each has a unique cultural story...

  • Food Science

Some Like it Hot Hot Hot: The Scoville Factor

Regardless how you spell it, chile, chili or chili, the feisty fruit of the small shrub native to South America, with their spicy attitude...

  • Creative Food Fiction

The Fashionista

So, you’re the darling now! Bursting onto the scene after years of obscurity. In Australia nobody knew who you were until...